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 Splashy Fish on Pc

Splashy Fish Game


Splashy Fish Game
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Plays: 5646 Kez
Date: 14 Şubat 2014
Category: Online Splashy Fish, Splashy Fish

Game Information:

Hi everyone, this topic is totally about splashy fish online game. As you know after the flappy bird is coming up and its really amazing game fo us! This game is coming up for all! You never give up. My best score is 20. But you can not pass that hahaha!

Splashy Fish Game

Splashy Fish play a game

Splashy Fish Game, it is a new game for all

Splashy Fish Game is really awesome for all. You can bet highscore and play with firends. The game rule is simple. Never hit to pipe and win.

There’s a new Flappy Bird different within the favored spot in Apple’s App Store. however there is a twist, it’s referred to as Splashy Fish.

Now that you simply cannot transfer Flappy Bird any longer, a bunch of developers area unit making clones of the sport,several of that area unit skyrocketing to the highest of the charts.

In Flappy Bird, you have got to assist a bird fly safely through a bunch of obstacles by furiously sound your screen.however over the weekend, Flappy Bird developer Nguyen angular distance Dong took down the sport, spoken communication that he simply could not take it any longer.

Check out Splashy Fish, the quantity one free game within the App Store, moreover as another alternatives below.


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